May 1, 2024

Complete Core Solutions: From Core Buying to OEM Obligation Fulfillment


In the world of heavy trucks, keeping operations running smoothly often means dealing with core parts. These essential components, like engines, transmissions, and differentials, can be expensive to replace outright. That's where LKQ Heavy Truck comes in. As a leading provider of new and recycled truck parts, LKQ Heavy Truck not only sells quality parts but also actively buys cores that meet OEM acceptance criteria. Let's explore how this process works and how it benefits both sellers and buyers in the trucking industry.

"We buy cores." This simple statement embodies a significant aspect of LKQ Heavy Truck's business model. We actively purchase cores for all makes and models, offering a valuable service to truck owners and operators. Cores are the used, but rebuildable, parts that are essential for the remanufacturing process. By buying these cores, LKQ Heavy Truck helps keep the remanufacturing industry sustainable and cost-effective.

Rebuildable cores are a key feature of LKQ Heavy Truck's operations. We understand the value of these components and the role they play in keeping trucks on the road. Whether it's a Cummins engine core or an Eaton Fuller transmission core, LKQ Heavy Truck is interested in acquiring cores that meet our quality standards.

Speaking of quality standards, cores must meet specific criteria to be eligible for purchase by LKQ Heavy Truck. These criteria typically include factors such as the condition of the core, its completeness, and whether it meets OEM specifications. By ensuring that cores meet these standards, LKQ Heavy Truck can guarantee the quality of the remanufactured parts they later produce.

If you're looking to sell cores for major mechanical parts, LKQ Heavy Truck is a dependable resource. We make the process easy and transparent, providing sellers with a straightforward way to offload their cores. Whether you have a single core or a large quantity to sell, LKQ Heavy Truck is interested in hearing from you.


In addition to buying cores, LKQ Heavy Truck offers a unique service that sets us apart in the industry. We can fulfill core obligations on behalf of existing and potential customers, making the core return process easy and stress-free. For truck owners and operators, this means that you can rely on LKQ Heavy Truck to track and return your core parts to manufacturers for refurbishing, satisfying your obligation to the OEM.


By partnering with LKQ Heavy Truck, customers can streamline their operations and focus on their primary business, knowing that their core returns are being handled efficiently. LKQ Heavy Truck's expertise in core management ensures that cores are returned promptly and in compliance with OEM requirements, saving customers time and effort.


One of the key benefits of recycling core parts with LKQ Heavy Truck is the potential increase in profitability for shops and truck owners. Instead of letting cores sit idle or disposing of them, recycling them through LKQ Heavy Truck can result in significant cost savings. By selling their cores to LKQ Heavy Truck, or simply organizing the return process through us, shops can turn what would otherwise be a liability into a valuable asset.


Letting LKQ Heavy Truck handle your core returns is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly. Recycling cores reduces the need for new parts to be manufactured, conserving resources and reducing waste. By choosing to recycle with LKQ Heavy Truck, customers can contribute to a more sustainable future for the trucking industry.


To find out if your cores qualify for purchase, or to have us assist in meeting your core obligations, simply contact LKQ Heavy Truck at or give us a call today (877-557-8782). Our team of core buying experts will assess your cores and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you're looking to sell cores or fulfill core return obligations, LKQ Heavy Truck is your one-stop shop. With our expertise and commitment to quality, LKQ Heavy Truck is the perfect partner for all your trucking needs.

To summarize, LKQ Heavy Truck's core program is a win-win for everyone involved. Our core buying and management services offer a comprehensive solution for truck owners and operators. Sellers get a reliable outlet for their cores, while buyers can rest assured that they are getting quality parts that meet OEM standards. If you have cores to sell, or core loads to return, don't hesitate to reach out to LKQ Heavy Truck. We're ready to help you make the most of your used parts and keep your trucks running smoothly.